Premiered September 25, 2017
CBS Situation Comedy


Young Sheldon:   Iain Armitage
Sheldon:   Jim Parsons
Mary Cooper:   Zoe Perry
George Cooper Sr.:   Lance Barber
George "Georgie" Cooper Jr.:   Montana Jordan
Missy Cooper:   Raegan Revord
Connie "Meemaw" Tucker:   Annie Potts
Pastor Jeff Difford:   Matt Hobby
Tam Nguyen:   Ryan Phuong
Billy Sparks:   Wyatt McClure
Dr. John Sturgis:   Wallace Shawn
Herschel Sparks:   Billy Gardell
Brenda Sparks:   Melissa Peterman
Mrs. Sheryl Hutchins:   Sarah Baker
Ms. Victoria MacElroy:   Valerie Mahaffey
Ms. Evelyn Ingram:   Danielle Pinnock
Mr. Hubert Givens:   Brian Stepanek
Principal Tom Petersen:   Rex Linn
Assistant Coach Wayne Wilkins:   Doc Farrow
Peg Difford:   Nancy Linehan Charles
Glenn:   Chris Wylde
Paige:   Mckenna Grace
Linda:   Andrea Anders
Barry:   Josh Cooke
Mailman:   Baron Jay
Veronica Duncan:   Isabel May
Dr. Linkletter:   Ed Begley, Jr.
Officer Robin:   Mary Grill

In this prequel to The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper
is nine years old in 1989, living with his family in Medford,
Texas and attending Medford High School. The series follows
Sheldon as he tries to fit into the world around him while his
family and friends attempt to deal with his unique intellectual
capabilities and social challenges. Sheldon's family includes
his fraternal twin sister, Missy, and their older brother,
Georgie, as well as parents George and Mary.

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