September 12, 1988 - June 9, 1989
Syndicated Game Show

Peter Tomarken

John Harlan
Jim Hackett
Bob Ridgely

Wipeout was a game show where three contestants played
the game every day, all of whom competed for cash, prizes,
and the right to win a brand new car. In round one, the game
consisted of 16 possible answers. 11 of the answers were
right, while the remaining five were wrong. Once the answers
were revealed, the host posed a question pertaining to the
answer. The job of the player in control was to pick an
answer that was one of the correct answers. Picking a correct
answer won money for that answer, but picking a Wipeout
lost all the money and control of the board which was then
passed to the next player in line. To prevent that player from
wiping out, he/she can decide to pass and protect their cash
or continue playing, but a correct answer must be selected
in order to pass. The first correct answer was worth $25
more than the previous answer up until they reached the
11th and final answer which was worth $275 in cash.

After round one, the player with the lowest money was eliminated
from further play, and the two surviving players played the
next round called the "Challenge Round." The round was
played with up to three boards. Each board had 12 answers
arranged in a frame, 8 right, 4 wrong. On each board after it
was revealed and the question was read, the contestants
bid against each other as to how many correct answers they
wish to choose without Wiping out. They went back and forth
until one player bid the maximum of eight, or challenged
the other to play. The first player to win two out of three boards
won the game, a special prize, and the right to play the
Bonus Round for a new car. In the bonus round, the winning
contestant was shown another board of 12 answer, which
were a 50/50 split. The contestants had 60 seconds to
choose the correct six answers. Once they were chosen, the
player must then run back to the start, and each time the
number was less than six, the player ran back to the board
and made changes by turning off the ones they thought were
wrong. If the contestant can get all six answers before
time ran out, the winning contestant won the new car.

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