September 8, 1993 - February 23, 1994
ABC Situation Comedy
19 Episodes


Thea Turrell:   Thea Vidale
Jarvis Turrell, Jr.:   Adam Jeffries
Jerome Turrell:   Jason Weaver
Danesha Turrell:   Brandy Norwood
James Turrell:   Brenden Jefferson
Lynette:   Yvette Wilson
Charles:   Cleavant Derricks

This was one TV mom whose kids did not get away
with murder. Large, loud, and loving, Thea ruled her
brood with a kind of "tough love" that left no doubt
who was in charge. As a recent widow, she had many
roles to juggle: a supermarket job during the day,
courses in store management at night, part-time
hiardresser, and full-time single parent. Her four kids
were serious Jarvis, schemer Jerome, shy Danesha,
and cute little James. Basically good kids, they were
sometimes rambunctious, but little escaped Mom's
knowing gaze: "Thea knows all. Thea sees all."

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Thea Vidale
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