March 23, 1982 - September 13, 1983
ABC Situation Comedy
17 Episodes


Chachi Arcola:   Scott Baio
Joanie Cunningham:   Erin Moran
Al Delvecchio:   Al Molinaro
Louisa Delvecchio:   Ellen Travolta
Uncle Rico:   Art Metrano
Bingo:   Robert Pierce
Mario:   Derrel Maury
Annette:   Winifred Freedman

This spin-off of Happy Days saw Fonzie's young cousin
Chachi Arcola move to Chicago with his mother, Louisa, and
stepfather, Al, and try to start a singing career. With him were
best girl Joanie, who shared the vocals, and his backup band:
a spaced-out drummer named Bingo, a chubby cousin named
Annette, and another cousin, Mario. Mario and Annette's father,
Uncle Rico, was their agent. Joanie and Chachi sang several
numbers in each episode, usually at Al and Louisa's newly
opened restaurant. Though there were new songs introduced
in each episode, and Chachi had girls in the audience swooning,
neither the songs nor the show caught on. Most of the cast
soon returned to Milwaukee for Happy Days' last season.

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